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Divorce: the Only Moral Choice is the Collaborative Model

I believe it is the responsibility of every citizen who is considering divorce to opt for a Collaborative Divorce. This choice represents a moral and ethical decision for the integrity of our society. Continue reading

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Conflict: In It for the Friction

Have you ever noticed that some people are in it strictly for the friction? It seems as if they thrive on arguing and they like to turn most interactions into some kind of heated debate. They like to fight so that they can see themselves as right and justified in their bad behavior. Coined as “high-conflict” personalities, you will find these types everywhere you go. Continue reading

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Cultural Diversity and Cruising Down the Danube

I truly had an interesting personal experience in cultural diversity last week as I cruised down the Danube with some German friends. My husband, a real estate broker, sold these Bavarian¬† folk a home here in the USA over twenty … Continue reading

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