Women and Divorce

Forbes came out with a blog stating that marriages are less resilient because more women are bringing in substantial incomes and are less likely to stay in bad marriages due to financial reasons. Historically women have submitted economically to men and finally, thanks to the Great Recession, are showing up with a purse of their own.

The good news about this is that historically, women would rather make love than war, and so they will opt for parting peacefully. Collaborative Divorce is a model of resolving divorce peacefully that truly fits for the contemporary woman. Hard-working women do not want to invest their wages into a fight. They will invest in a divorce process that provides great value with emotional, financial and legal resources. They will invest in a process that help their family transition into a two-household system while keeping the needs of the children in the forefront. Thank goodness, women are showing up financially ready to design a divorce that is constructive in its orientation. It’s about time!

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