Linked In Think-Tank

Linked In is one form of social media that actually feels less “social” and more professional to me. It carries an air of being sophisticated, savvy and success-oriented. Navigating around Linked In usually feels like a worthwhile investment of my time and attention.

I use Linked In to generate interest in and direct traffic to my blog. Here is one strategy for optimizing Linked In:

  • research and join as many Linked In groups you can find that you believe would be interested in reading your blog.
  • every time you publish a blog, go to each group you joined and start a discussion with appreciative inquiry.
  • after you ask the respectful question, paste the link to your blog right after it.
  • be sure to return regularly to the discussion to graciously acknowledge and interact with everyone who comments on the discussion you initiated.

Here is an example. As a communication specialist, I belong to several alternative dispute resolution groups on Linked In. When I blog, I will go to each group and ask a respectful question, such as, “How do we help our children to be okay when divorcing parents continue to fight?” I will then follow the discussion question with the link to my blog which expands an answer to my posed question.

This think-tank approach has increased my reader-base and has kept my energy and enthusiasm elevated for continued blogging.

3 thoughts on “Linked In Think-Tank

  1. I have been mainly a lurker on LinkedIn, and I love your suggestion about joinging groups and then asking a question from your post and sharing it. I’ll have to try that so that I feel more involved on the site. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. That’s a superb idea, Ellie! Thanks for the tip. I’ve been a member of a number of groups on LinkedIn but I’ve always struggled with the group discussion boards. I don’t find them very user friendly. Your suggestion, I will put into action. WRITE ON!

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