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How to Raise a Confident Child

Confidence is the ability to trust or haveĀ faith in someone or something, including oneself.Ā ParentsĀ hope to raise aĀ confidentĀ child who will launch into becoming anĀ independently functioning adult. Ā Less confidentĀ children have higher rates of failure-to-launch. In early stages of life, it is the responsibility of the parents to take a very directive approach toĀ help shape the child’s understanding … Continue reading

Necessary Conversations

Six Degrees of Shame

Shame is a very unpleasant feeling and probably the most unpleasant of them all. Shame is a feeling experience where we berate ourselves and question the goodness of our essence. Arrogance or hostility can be someone’s cover for shame. Interesting, huh? The feeling of shame spreads across a spectrum: embarrassment, vulnerability, resentment, reactive, threatened, and … Continue reading