Helping Professionals Reduce Work Stress Through Collaboration

I just finished training a great group of lawyers, mental health professionals and financial specialists in the process of collaboration. I had the honor of training the mental health segment for the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals in the launch of their first Basic Training.

Collaboration is an alternative form of conflict resolution where an interdisciplinary team of helpers work together to guide clients toward settlement without litigating. The paradigm is built on a philosophy that a dispute has three dimensions: legal, emotional and financial. By working together, the clients reach agreements they can live with and do so by being transparent and respectful; actively listening to each perspective;  gathering all the necessary information; developing options; brainstorming choices and, reaching agreements.This is so much better for clients in dispute because not only do they resolve their issues; they move forward with skills that serve them for a lifetime.

Concurrently, it is so much better for us as helping professionals to work in an atmosphere that lessens our stress and risk for absorbing Second-Hand Shock. Collaboration offers helping professionals the support of team members that “have our back” and help us to avoid the pitfalls of stepping out of our scope of practice when working with high conflict clients.

Please consider getting trained in Collaborative Practice as a tried and true work environment that protects us from Second-Hand Shock and restores our professional pride and enthusiasm.

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